Job IdUpload TimeStatusStructures Created
417928/04/2017 14:21FlexPepDocking197
417828/04/2017 14:16Completed200
417728/04/2017 07:31Failed0
417628/04/2017 07:04Failed0
417527/04/2017 23:36Completed200
417427/04/2017 23:36Completed200
417327/04/2017 23:36Completed200
417227/04/2017 23:36Completed198
417127/04/2017 23:35Completed200
417027/04/2017 23:35Completed200
416927/04/2017 23:35Completed200
416827/04/2017 23:35Completed200
416727/04/2017 23:34Completed200
416627/04/2017 23:34Completed200
416527/04/2017 19:31Completed199
416427/04/2017 19:31Completed197
416327/04/2017 19:31Completed200
416227/04/2017 19:30Completed198
416127/04/2017 19:30Completed200
416027/04/2017 19:30Completed200

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