Job IdUpload TimeStatusStructures Created
689921/09/2017 15:22Completed200
689821/09/2017 15:20Completed200
689721/09/2017 15:12Completed200
689621/09/2017 15:07Completed200
689521/09/2017 14:48Completed200
689421/09/2017 14:46Completed200
689321/09/2017 14:02Completed200
689221/09/2017 01:55Failed0
689121/09/2017 01:31Failed0
689021/09/2017 00:45Failed0
688921/09/2017 00:45Completed200
688821/09/2017 00:45Completed200
688720/09/2017 22:09Failed0
688620/09/2017 21:45Completed200
688520/09/2017 21:04Failed0
688420/09/2017 18:12Completed300
688320/09/2017 18:11Completed300
688220/09/2017 16:38Completed200
688120/09/2017 16:38Completed200
688020/09/2017 16:38Completed200

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